Another key area of the house and often the site of much agitation and frustration when everyone is trying to get ready at the same time. Many problems with bathrooms arise from the poor layout that has been in place since the house was built and often a simple reconfiguration can make a huge difference. If you are having to squeeze past the sink to get to the toilet or your bath has been installed in a completely illogical position then its time to call in our expert bathroom team to see just how your bathroom can be improved.

Whether you just want your existing fitments moved or replaced by new ones we are the people to complete the job quickly, efficiently and to the highest possible standard. If you layout is fine but you want your flooring or tiling replaced then we can do that too. The key to our success is that our team consists of accredited professionals in every area, there are no ‘Jack of all trades masters of none’ employed by us!

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